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Dusty Breeding is an Executive Functioning and Professional Development Coach with over a decade of experience working one on one with individuals. He specializes in helping individuals establish a personal sense of purpose and responsibility, clarify their goals, and build personal systems to accomplish those goals. 


Pepperdine University, BA

Pepperdine University, MA

Thesis: The Obstacle is the Way: Practicing Elective Stress for Spiritual Growth Northwest Nazarene University, MDiv in Leadership (in progress)


Dusty grew up in the Midwest prior to attending Pepperdine University. After graduating from undergrad, he and his wife spent their first year of marriage living and teaching at a boarding school for street kids in Nairobi, Kenya. Following the year of teaching abroad, Dusty returned to Pepperdine to spend the next ten years working in holistic development and coaching with undergraduate and grad students. Dusty also serves as an officer in the Chaplain Corps of the Army National Guard. In addition to his university degrees, Dusty has completed numerous training certification programs that equip him to support clients. These include: 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, Prepare/Enrich, Financial Coach Master Training, MarriageStrong, the US Army's Prep 8.0, and Got Your Back leadership programs.


Dusty serves as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University. His course, The Theory and Practice of Living Well, guides students on a journey to define what it means to "live well." He regularly speaks (in person and online) around the country on topics of resilience, posttraumatic growth, and cultivating a life of discipline. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Finding motivation and inspiration 

  • Personal finances (budgeting, saving, investing)

  • Cultivating personal accountability and ownership 

  • Goal setting (values, vision, mission, SMART goals) 

  • Creating systems (scheduling, to do lists, time management, breaking large goals into small tasks) 

General Approach

Dusty focuses on asking intentional questions to best understand the goals of individual clients. Based on those goals, he works collaboratively with clients to cultivate personal systems, habits, and practices to help each individual move in the direction of their ideals. His sessions regularly involve providing clients with additional resources to support their development outside of the weekly sessions. 

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