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Training in Evidence-Based Practices

Our clinicians are experts in their fields and passionate about helping to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life for our clients. We are also dedicated to combining research, education, supervision and consultation to help reduce mental health disparities by increasing access to effective mental health care. As such, we provide workshops, seminars and professional development to other clinics, hospitals, schools, and clinicians around the world. We also provide supervision to our own in-house trainees: advanced doctoral (PhD/PsyD) candidates and post-doctoral fellows. Contact us to learn more.


What topics can we teach on?

The Youth and Family Institute (YFI) is dedicated to promoting the development and dissemination of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and other evidence-based practices (EBP) among families, communities, and mental health professionals. Here is a list of selected topics in which we have expertise and experience providing training and consultation.

DBT Skills

Introduction to the structure, theoretical foundations, and intervention strategies of DBT, as well as the four sets of behavioral skills: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.

DBT-informed parent coaching

Skillfully balancing acceptance and validation with effective limit setting and reinforcement to shape their child’s behavior, improve communication, and promote collaborative problem solving.

DBT in Schools

Training and consultation for school administrators, teachers, and mental health staff to implement DBT skills for teens as part of their SEL Curriculum.

Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation

Strategies and practices for staying open and fully aware in the present moment, with acceptance, non-attachment, and compassion.

Peer Counseling and Emotional Support

Core competencies (e.g., ethics, active listening, validation, motivational interviewing) for non-clinical staff working folks with mental health issues.

Antiracist and Culturally Responsive Care

Strategies for identifying barriers to equity and inclusion, developing ‘anti-ism’ culture (workplaces that are antiracist, antisexist, etc), responding to identity related aggressions, and challenging hegemonic structures and practices.


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How to Get Started

Contact Us

Contact us to inquire about our training and consultation services.

Initial Consultation

Discuss your goals, our fit, and details about our services and rates.

Develop Plan

Co-create a training plan tailored to your organization's culture and needs.

Execute Plan

Deliver engaging, experiential, and discussion-based training in state-of-the-art EBPs.

Evaluate Outcomes

Collect feedback and iteratively improve your customized training.

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Growing list of ideas for activities (nature, art, social, volunteering, etc.), and ideas for getting active, which is also an important part of feeling better.

Our team provides comprehensive DBT and other evidence-based treatments to help make positive changes in the lives of children, young adults, and their families.

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