Sarah Mann


As the Practice Manager at the Youth and Family Institute, Sarah oversees daily operations including welcoming patients, scheduling and reception, directing intake paperwork, overseeing patient billing, as well as offering support to clinical staff. Sarah works closely with clinical staff to ensure operations are running smoothly, as well as coordinating with patients to provide them with support throughout their clinical journey. Sarah always strives to give patients a warm welcome from the moment that they step through the door.

Sarah completed her bachelor degrees in Psychology and English at Pitzer College. She first discovered her passion for clinical practice through a class on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and hopes to one day become a therapist. During her undergraduate studies, Sarah became very involved in labs at Pitzer and Claremont Graduate University, focusing on mindfulness and validation-based research. Throughout her time at Pitzer, Sarah worked as an assistant in the Dean of Faculty’s office. Sarah is passionate about finding accessible interventions that can be used to improve mental health.

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Our team provides comprehensive DBT and other evidence-based treatments to help make positive changes in the lives of children, young adults, and their families.

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