Ted Bartholomew, PhD


Clinical Expertise

Dr. Bartholomew is a counseling psychologist with expertise in strength oriented and positive psychological processes. His clinical approach relies heavily on interpersonal processes and an integrative, client-focused perspective. He also has clinical experience with psychological assessment, predominantly focused on ADHD and personality testing.


Creighton University, BA

University of Nebraska – Lincoln, MA

University of Nebraska – Lincoln, PhD

The Pennsylvania State University Counseling & Psychological Services, Predoctoral Internship


Dr. Bartholomew earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Creighton University and a PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. His clinical experiences have taken place in high school settings, a neuropsychology rehabilitation hospital, and in several college counseling centers, including a predoctoral internship at the Pennsylvania State University and postdoctoral experience at Whittier College.


Dr. Bartholomew’s empirical work is at the nexus of psychological healing and perceptions of mental illness. This includes examinations of client and therapist hope in psychotherapy, therapists’ comfort discussing cultural content in psychotherapy, and perceptions of healing and illness across cultural groups. His psychotherapy process and outcome research is largely within the scope of college mental health, including with international students; however, Dr. Bartholomew also conducts community based and internationally collaborative research in Namibia and with communities of resettled people in the United States.


Dr. Bartholomew is an Associate Professor at Scripps College in Claremont, CA. At Scripps, he teaches coursework covering basic helping skills, psychological disorders, research methods, and the core curriculum of the College. He worked as an Assistant Professor at Purdue University for 3 years prior to relocating to Scripps. Dr. Bartholomew taught coursework in clinical practicum, psychotherapy theory, multicultural counseling, and research methods at Purdue.

General Approach

Dr. Bartholomew takes an integrative approach to therapy that is primarily informed by interpersonal process theory and collaboratively identifying clients’ needs for treatment. This flexible, integrative orientation to therapy is underscored by a client-centered and constructivist lens in which clients’ context and identity are at the forefront of both addressing immediate clinical need as well as deeper emotional processing and exploration of meaning making. Implicit in his work is a keen attention not just to psychological distress but clients’ hope and the things they do well as sources of additional coping and strength.

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