Vibh Forsythe Cox, PhD


Clinical Expertise

Vibh Forsythe Cox, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification certified clinician.  She has provided clinical services in a variety of settings, including Veteran Affairs medical centers, university psychological services centers, private outpatient clinics, and maximum security forensic inpatient settings. 


The University of Kentucky, BA

The Ohio State University, MA

The Ohio State University, PhD


Dr. Forsythe Cox is a Clinical Associate professor and the director of the Marsha M. Linehan Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Clinic at the University of Washington. There, she teaches courses and provides supervision to advanced graduate students learning to deliver DBT.   

She is also a trainer and consultant for Behavioral Tech, LLC (BTECH), the training company founded by Dr. Linehan which provides training and consultation for DBT clinicians internationally.  At BTECH she is on staff as a Training and Development Specialist, a role in which she helps create content for BTECH’s training offerings.  Dr. Forsythe Cox was part of the team that developed BTECH’s online trainings, which have increased accessibility to BTECH’s trainings internationally. 

Dr. Forsythe Cox is the child of Afro-Caribbean immigrants and the wife and mother of a multi-racial family.  She supports our DBT community by mentoring professionals who have faced barriers due to their identities as people of color. Dr. Forsythe Cox has given consultation to providers interested in doing anti-racism work on their DBT teams. She is both a member of the ISITDBT board and a founding member of ISITBT’s Antiracism Committee.  

General Approach

Dr. Forsythe Cox focuses on the exceptional delivery of evidence-based treatments.  She is a clinician and trainer, both with the goal of helping people find pathways to meaningful change. Dr. Forsythe Cox’s dedication to training and consulting is motivated by the knowledge that there are not enough highly trained therapists to make DBT accessible to everyone who needs it.

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