Suicide Survivor’s Stories

Suicide Survivor’s Stories

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicide or self-harm and needs help, call or text the 988 National Crisis Line. You are not alone. There are always options available and people who can help.

Talking about suicide is something that has long been a taboo. But with the increase in public conversations about mental health, survivors of suicide attempts have started to come forward and share their stories. They have found community, and many of them are working to get resources for other people who are suffering and perhaps considering suicide as a solution to their problem(s).

Coming forward with their stories is incredibly courageous, and provides hope to others and their loved ones struggling with suicide and self-harm. It tells us that we no longer need to hide our pain. We can form a community to raise awareness, consolidate resources, and receive support. It allows people who have survived suicide attempts a voice in the conversation. The outspoken survivors remind you that you are not alone. Their very existence and resilience shows us that life can get better and a suicide attempt does not have to be the end.

At the Youth and Family Institute, we specialize in supporting our clients every step of the way through their darkest times, to help them build their life worth living.

This Washington Post article details more about the courageous people pushing for change and their stories. We want to help amplify their voices.


Once they hid their stories. But now, survivors of suicide are ‘coming out’ to combat a national crisis.” – Published for Washington Post by William Wan on July 29, 2019.  Read article.


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