The Best Tool We Have for Self-Harming and Suicidal Teens

The Best Tool We Have for Self-Harming and Suicidal Teens

With the recent youth mental health crisis, it can feel overwhelming for children and families of those who are struggling with self-harm or suicide. Having more public discussions about the therapy options that are available, and that these symptoms are treatable, is essential.

Here is a recent article published in 2022 by the New York Times about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). It notes that DBT is the best tool available for treating individuals with chronic self-harm and suicidal behaviors, and that the skills learned can decrease anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. The article provides an excellent explanation of how DBT works, why it works, and steps for getting started.

It’s a huge step forward to have such a well-known publication discuss DBT and how to support teens and their families struggling with complex mental health issues. At the Youth and Family Institute in Los Angeles, we provide comprehensive DBT to help patients learn how to manage their emotions, self-harming urges, and work to recover and build their life worth living.


‘The Best Tool We Have’ for Self-Harming and Suicidal Teens” – Published for The New York Times. Read article.


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Our team provides comprehensive DBT and other evidence-based treatments to help make positive changes in the lives of children, young adults, and their families.

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